Mercia Fell Runners - 2021 Club Championship Races

Race Date Grade Home/Away E 50@50
Batch Bash Wed 19 May AS H    
Rodneys Pillar Wed 2 June BS H    
Moel Y Gamelin Sun 13 June AM A    
Pontesbury Wed 16 June AS H    
Cribyn Sat 26 June AS A    
Blencathra Sat 3 July AM A Yes 50
Welsh 1000s Sat 17 July AL A    
Aldermans Ascent Sat 17 July AS A Yes 50
Kentmere Horseshoe Sun 1 August AM A Yes 50
Ragleth Inn Wed 18 August AS H    
Arnison Crag Sat 28 August AS A Yes 50
Black Combe Sat 28 August AS A   50
HB21 Sat 4 September AM A    
South Mynd Tour Sun 19 September AL H Yes 50
Breidden Hills Sun 10 October AM H    
Roaches Sun 14 November BL A   50
Cardington Cracker Sun 5 December AM H   50
Litton Xmas Cracker Sun 12 December BM A   50

E = English Championship race.

50@50 – FRA 50@50 Anniversary race.

18 Races in total: 7 Home – (4s, 2m, 1l); 11 Away – (4s, 5m, 2l).

8 short, 7 medium, 3 long.

Qualifying criteria
U18 Best 3 short races
U23, Open, V40 and V50 5 best races to count which must include at least one from each distance and one away race
V60 Best 5 races, at least one short, one medium and one away (no requirement for a long race to be included)
V70 Best 3 races any distance home or away

Scoring system:

In any of the qualifying races, all Mercia Fell Runners participants will be ranked according to where they finished in the race, regardless of gender or age category. The highest placed Mercia FR runner will be given 1 point, the 2nd highest placed will be given 2 points, and so on… until all Mercia participants have been given a points score. All these scores will be tabulated and added to scores from previous races.

Ultimately, the participant in any age category with the lowest score throughout the championship series will be the champion in that category, subject to the removal of discard scores.

In the event of a tie in any age category, places in the final table will be decided on a head2head basis, i.e. who has been the higher finisher on most occasions when the 2 (or more) tied runners have competed in the same races.

A PDF version of the above is attached.

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